G L O B A L - P A L


Frequently Asked Questions

We have multiple options in order to support payout options. You can either use your existing debit or credit card, link your mobile wallet, or request a Global-Pal debit card. When a user in a group initiates a payment we calculate each user’s individual amount and automatically send them payment requests after one person pays.
No problem, there is an option to manually input items and amounts. Then assign them to people the same way you would if the items were itemized after taking a picture of the receipt.
There are no transaction fees with any payment made through Global-Pal including your custom Global-Pal debit card.
No, if there are members in your group that don’t have the Global-Pal app you can pay their respective amount and collect that amount after the transaction is complete. We do however recommend that all group members download the app in order to send requests and keep track of what everyone owes.
We have built-in payment protection with Plaid to ensure that all payments are secure.
Yes, after a payment has been sent to the vendor you can still change the individual user’s outstanding balances.
Yes, coming soon we will be able to issue you your own physical Global-Pal card! You can navigate to the request card button on your profile and we will mail a customized card when they are available.
We are currently working on a referral program and hope to release the details soon!